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Since 1914, as a completely independent firm, yabo5 yabo app produces chemicals and bulk pharmaceuticals. Recently, the production programme has been extended with new pharmaceuticals, new intermediates and even new chemical techniques like oxidation with Potassium permanganate. More are still under development. Custom synthesis of bulk pharmaceuticals in yabo5's FDA-registered facilities is now an interesting option. yabo5 yabo app can supply interested parties with devolopment quantities (1-100 kg), with the assurance that later large-scale production is almost guaranteed. yabo5 has experience with many organic reactions.

Address yabo5 yabo app B.V.
P.O.Box 3001
yabo5 ZH, 2220 CA, The Netherlands
Phone +31 71 4056789
Fax +31 71 4056700
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Homepage www.katwijk-chemie.nl

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